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If you're like many of us, it's reasonable to assume that you may at some point find yourself in a situation where you may not have access to a food source, sometimes for an extended length of time. Events like power outages, winter storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters can happen without warning. "Emergency Food" is not just for emergencies — but for outdoor recreation activities like camping, hunting, backpacking, hiking, RV & motorcycle road trips, family gatherings, and other outdoor adventures as well.

We offer top-rated, best tasting, longest storage life foods. We provide production dates for freeze dried foods in our inventory, so you know what you're getting when you order from us! If you are producing your own food storage stockpiles, we have a great selection of Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers to assist you in safely storing your own food. If you're you looking to freeze dry your own food, please visit our Harvest Right Freeze Dryers page.

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