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We are committed to providing you with low product prices, exceptional customer service, fast order processing, and published production/pack dates for food items.

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History of TheEpicenter.com

TheEpicenter.com was started in May of 1995 as a way of passing on useful information to people interested in disaster and emergency preparedness. At that time, the Internet was still young, so we could offer only limited survival plans and products useful in emergency situations. Since then, the Internet has undergone amazing developments which have enabled us to provide visitors with free information and links, and to actually market the products useful for dealing with natural (or other) catastrophes. Internet sales have grown steadily over the years, and our product line includes high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

With an increase in recent natural disasters, the current economy, and the ever-increasing interest in preparedness and survival, our incredible customer base continues to grow. We have a long history of providing excellent customer service and great products, and our goal is to continue this practice. Our customers include individuals, families, large and small businesses, government agencies (local, state, and federal), and others such as hospitals, churches, and non-profit organizations. A great number of our customers are referred to us by friends, family, and workplace/community organizations.

We are happy to supply you with any of our fine products, but we also want to stress that there are things you can and should do on your own. Being prepared for an emergency is something you CAN and MUST do! Disaster related organizations predict that you will be on your own for a minimum of three days and nights and up to two weeks or more before help arrives (even in the smallest of emergencies).

TheEpicenter.com believes that surviving a disaster is only the beginning. Your visit here today will help you in evaluating what is important: family, friends and the simple things — like watching your garden grow. We believe our products and information are the most comprehensive on the Internet.

Thanks again for visiting TheEpicenter.com. We look forward to serving you!


Janet & Bryan Nelson

Our Mission

We are committed to provide the highest quality of products and the best customer service experience possible with our fast, easy, and secure order processing and quick order fulfillment.

We believe that being prepared helps reduce fear, anxiety, and potential losses that accompany disasters. The need to prepare is real. We encourage everyone to know how to respond to severe weather or any disaster that could occur in your area—hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme winter storms, flooding, or any other event.

If you ever have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable staff is always friendly and ready to assist you by phone or email (Contact Us) during normal operating hours (9am-4pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday).

Our Warehouse Facility

We are located in Eugene, Oregon (our location on Google Maps).

Epicenter Supplies LLCYour orders are received, processed, and shipped from this facility.

Our warehouse is not a retail store! But we are happy to serve our local customers in the Eugene-Springfield area by offering curbside pickup (no shipping charge!) — please call ahead 541-684-0717 or place your order online so we can better serve you.