Peak Refuel Freeze Dried Food Info

Peak Refuel General Info

Peak Refuel offers premium freeze dried meals for camping, hiking, backpacking, as well as for emergencies.

  • 100% real meat, USDA-inspected
  • No TVP or any other fillers
  • All source ingredients go through an extensive screening process. You're getting the highest quality, non-GMO ingredients when you choose Peak Refuel
  • Ready to eat in 10 minutes or less
  • Lightweight, as little as 4.59 oz package
  • Average 37.6 grams of Protein
  • Average 803 calories per pack
  • Average 9.5 oz water needed to rehydrate

What is the Shelf Life of Peak Refuel Meals?

These meals have an unopened shelf life of 5 years, all made with premium ingredients. They are freeze-dried and packaged to last longer, but the manufacturer guarantees the premium taste within 5 years.

NOTE: However, being 100% fully freeze dried and having the same packaging process as others that claim a 25+ year shelf life, Peak Refuel products should store much longer than the current 5-year stated best by date. Being a young company, Peak Refuel has not been able to do the testing to claim the 25+ year shelf life...yet...but plan to as they get older as a company.

How to Prepare Peak Refuel Meals

Peak Refuel pouches are food grade. Just add the recommended amount of hot water, and you can cook and enjoy your meal directly from the pouch.

Where are Peak Refuel Meals Made?

All Peak Refuel is freeze-dried and packaged in the USA.

Peak Refuel's Gluten-Free Meals

Although Peak Refuel does not have any certified gluten-free meals, several of their meals do not include any gluten or wheat. These meals are produced in a facility that manufactures meals that do contain gluten, but the company is careful to avoid cross contamination through cleaning and testing each manufacturing line for allergens. Peak Refuel always recommends looking through the ingredients yourself as well just to be safe. Following is a list of their meals that do not contain Gluten:

  • Breakfast Skillet
  • Butternut Dal Bhat
  • Chicken Coconut Curry
  • Chicken Teriyaki Rice
  • Mountain Berry Granola
  • Strawberry Granola
  • Sweet Pork & Rice

Peak Refuel's Dairy-Free Meals

  • Butternut Dal Bhat
  • Chicken Coconut Curry
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Mountain Berry Granola
  • Three Bean Chili Mac

We always recommend looking at the ingredients (published on the Product Detail pages) to make sure that there’s nothing that would cause anything detrimental based on your dietary needs.

Peak Refuel's Vegetarian Meals

  • Butternut Dal Bhat
  • Mountain Berry Granola
  • Three Bean Chili Mac

How Does Peak Refuel compare to Mountain House?

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Peak Refuel Additional Product Info & Taste Test Review Videos

Honest, informational, and entertaining taste test videos of Peak Refuel freeze dried food reviews. Videos featuring Peak Refuel taste test reviews are also posted on our EpicenterBryan YouTube Channel.

Are Peak Refuel Freeze Dried Foods In Stock to Order?

Yes! Please visit our Peak Refuel Premium Freeze Dried Food page to check on availability and current pricing.