FAQ: Bridgford Ready to Eat Shelf Stable Sandwiches

MRE Sandwiches, Turnovers, Wraps, Bread, Tortillas, and Pizza!

  • Originally developed for the United States Military, and used in the Military FSR First Strike Rations and MRE menu(s)
  • Manufactured in the USA by Bridgford Foods
  • Ready to eat! 270–330 calories per sandwich
  • No refrigeration required
  • MRE pouch-style retort packaging; Lightweight and easy to store
  • Shelf stable — 3-year shelf life if stored at 80°F, or longer if kept in cooler conditions (freezing is not recommended)
  • Perfect for household and workplace emergency kits
  • Other great uses include camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, weekend trips, etc.
  • These sandwiches are designed to be eaten straight from the pouch, however they can also be heated using the following methods in a safe manner:
    • MRE Flameless Ration Heater Method: Place unopened pouch in MRE heater. To heat, follow the instructions on the MRE Heater. Once heated, carefully remove the pouch from the heater, open the pouch and eat.
    • Boiling Water Method: Place unopened pouch in boiling water (slow roll) for approximately 5-8 minutes. Carefully remove the pouch from the water, open the pouch and eat. Make heating time adjustments as necessary.
    • Microwave Method: Remove the sandwich from the pouch prior to heating! Wrap the sandwich on a microwave-safe plate and cover with a paper towel (or wrap the sandwich in a paper towel), and microwave on high for 15-30 seconds. Adjust heating time as necessary.
    • Oven Method: Remove the sandwich from pouch, place the sandwich on an oven-safe baking sheet and heat in the oven at 325-350° for approximately 7-10 minutes. Adjust heating time as necessary.

Note: Bridgford ingredients and nutritional information is provided for general purposes only and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Availability of Bridgford Shelf-Stable Sandwiches, Turnovers, Bread, and Pizza

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Bridgford MREs Nutrition & Ingredients Info

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