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MRE Meals with Superior Nutrition, Quality, and Taste

Our inventory includes current production factory-packed Civilian MRE Ready to Eat Meals produced by MRE STAR. There are twelve (12) individually packaged complete meals in a full case (6 entree menus, 2 of each), with each meal sealed in durable, easy to open packaging. Cases and meals are pre-packed by the manufacturer and the menus/meals are not customizable. From time to time we are able to offer "Full Meal Half Cases" (6 entree menus, 1 of each).

MREs are shelf stable, fully cooked complete meals that need no refrigeration. They are convenient, ready to eat right out of the pouch, and provide good tasting, nutritious, high calorie meals for camping, hunting, RV & Motorcycle Road Trips, and as back-up emergency preparedness, disaster, and survival food supplies.

We publish lot production pack dates for the MRE Meal Cases in our inventory so you know what you're getting when you buy MREs from us!

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