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Delicious Ready to Eat Comfort Foods for Emergencies, Camping, Hunting, RV Trips

We have a variety of shelf stable snacks and dessert items such as MRE Crackers, MRE Cookies, MRE Pound Cakes, and more. These Ready to Eat snacks are manufactured by top U.S. Military MRE manufacturers Several MRE snack items in our inventory are also components of the U.S. Humanitarian Daily Rations (HDR), Cold Weather Meals (MCW), and First Strike Rations (FSR). MRE Snacks have a shelf life averaging 3 to 5 years (or longer if kept in cooler conditions). We provide production dates for the MRE Snacks & Desserts in our inventory, so you know what you're getting when you order from us!

MRE Snacks are great items to store in your emergency supply kits, and are a popular choice for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, RV trips, other outdoor recreation, or for every day use.

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