Freeze-Dried Food Comparison: PEAK REFUEL vs MOUNTAIN HOUSE

The Comparison Spreadsheet

A quick comparison of Peak Refuel Premium Freeze-Dried Meals versus Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods shows that, although at first glance, Peak Refuel 2-serving pouches are priced higher than the Mountain House 2-serving pouches, it is important to look at the per-serving and total pouch nutrition details. Who wins?

BEEF STROGANOFF (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 400 280
Total Fat/serving 23g 12g
Cholesterol/serving 100mg 45mg
Sodium/serving 470mg 790mg
Carbs/serving 25g 32g
Protein/serving 20g 12g
Total Net Weight/pouch 5.0oz 4.3oz
BISCUITS & GRAVY (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 320 280
Total Fat/serving 16g 10g
Cholesterol/serving 115mg 25mg
Sodium/serving 930mg 870mg
Carbs/serving 27g 37g
Protein/serving 18g 11g
Total Net Weight/pouch 6.77oz 4.4oz
BREAKFAST SKILLET (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 320 280
Total Fat/serving 16g 12g
Cholesterol/serving 165mg 265mg
Sodium/serving 630mg 790mg
Carbs/serving 24g 23g
Protein/serving 20g 14g
Total Net Weight/pouch 4.87oz 3.7oz
CHICKEN ALFREDO PASTA (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 430 410
Total Fat/serving 24g 23g
Cholesterol/serving 100mg 120mg
Sodium/serving 410mg 710mg
Carbs/serving 27g 32g
Protein/serving 26g 17g
Total Net Weight/pouch 4.97oz 5.5oz
CHICKEN CURRY (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 430 250
Total Fat/serving 22g 9g
Cholesterol/serving 50mg 30mg
Sodium 480mg 730mg
Carbs/serving 33g 29g
Protein/serving 22g 13g
Total Net Weight/pouch 5.36oz 3.9oz
CHICKEN TERIYAKI (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 290 240
Total Fat/serving 3.5g 2.5g
Cholesterol/serving 45mg 25mg
Sodium/serving 680mg 710mg
Carbs/serving 38g 42g
Protein/serving 20g 12g
Total Net Weight/pouch 4.66oz 4.2oz
CHICKEN & RICE (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 370 280
Total Fat/serving 19g 12g
Cholesterol/serving 90mg 265mg
Sodium/serving 610mg 730mg
Carbs/serving 30g 46g
Protein/serving 20g 7g
Total Net Weight/pouch 5.15oz 4.2oz


In a side-by-side comparison of similar meals, Peak Refuel meals have a higher calorie count and typically more protein and less sodium per serving than do the Mountain House meals. And, Peak Refuel Meals contain more content (net weight, larger portion size) than do Mountain House meals. When it comes to food, is bigger better? We think it might be! Especially considering the rave reviews for Peak Refuel meals.

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