Stove Fuel Adapter (Bayonet to Screw-Type)

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Bayonet-to-Screw-Type Fuel Adapter

This compact adapter enables butane stoves with a screw connection to use a more affordable and commonly-available Bayonet-style fuel container. Fuel Not Included.

The three legs fold inward, making the adapter more compact. For use with the 3-Point and 4-Point stove.

Note: Depending on the length of the canister you find, this may not sit flat without digging a very small depression under the end of the cylinder.

Comment from EpicenterBryan: "This fuel adapter unit turned out to be a lifesaver when we were in Hawaii and the screw type fuel could not be found. The Bayonet fuel was available in every little store on the islands including grocery stores, hardware, and general merchandise stores."

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