Stove Burner - 3-Point Butane Stove

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Lightweight, Portable Gas Stove Burner

This three point stove screws on top of a standard Butane fuel canister. The fuel is commonly found in the camping section of major department stores, and at nearly all outdoor stores. An optional adapter (sold separately) is also available which allows this stove to use the less expensive (and very common) Bayonet-style fuel containers. FUEL NOT INCLUDED.

  • The supports are collapsible toward the center making it very compact
  • Fuel: Screw Type Fuel - Butane or Butane/Propane mix (Fuel canister not included)
  • Runs approximately 2 hours on a large canister of fuel
  • Comes with nylon storage bag
  • Folding Size: 3.54" x 3.54" x 2.36"
  • Unfolding Size: 4.92" x 4.92" x 2.95"
  • A lighter is required - this model does not have electronic ignition
  • For Outdoor Use Only
  • Power: 3000W
OPTIONAL Fuel Adapter (Sold Separately)

Fuel Adapter In Use

This compact Bayonet-Screw Type Fuel Type Adapter enables butane stoves with a screw connection to use a more affordable, and commonly available bayonet type butane canister.

Bayonet-Screw Type Fuel Adapter

The three legs fold inward making the adapter more compact. For use with the 3-Point and 4-Point stoves above. Note that depending on the length of the canister you find, this may not sit flat without digging a very small depression under the end of the cylinder.

OPTIONAL Wind Shield Panel (Sold Separately)

8-Plate Wind Shield

8-Plate Wind Shield (Folded)

A Camp Stove Wind Shield is a great way to shield your stove and flame on a windy day. It is made of light weight aluminum. This model has eight (8) panels.

Each panel is interconnected with a built-in hinge, which allows this to take what ever shape is needed. The ends can be connected together if desired to form a circle of 8" in diameter, or more than one of these can be connected together for endless (get the pun) possibilities.

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