P-38 Military-Style Can Opener (2-pack)

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P-38 (Super Turbo Mini Can Opener)

John Wayne Military-Style Can OpenerThe GI P-38 (aka "John Wayne" or "Military Pocket Can Opener") is a small can opener measuring just over 1.5" long. It was developed during World War II, and issued to the U.S. Armed Forces with canned field rations. Although originally designed and distributed in the K-Ration, they were also included in the C-Ration. This handy military can opener is still widely used today.

Lightweight and compact, these P38 John Waynes are perfect for backpacks, key rings, emergency kits, and car glove boxes.

EpicenterBryan says, "After going through a hurricane (Iniki in 1992), we discovered how important a can opener really is! The day after the disaster, a few stores opened up (among the rubble) to supply residents with necessities including canned goods. The problem was that you couldn't find a can opener if your life depended on it (and in some cases, it did)."

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