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Product Review & Demonstration of P-38 Can Opener

05 Jun, 2015

Here's a demonstration of how to use a P-38 Can Opener. This video uses a P-38 (aka John Wayne can opener) to open a can of sardines in tomato sauce.

The P38 was first developed in 1942 and still made today. The is one of the army's greatest inventions. It can be used for dozens of jobs and can be used as a can opener, as a cutting edge, and many other practical uses.

It is small enough to carry in your pocket, emergency supply kit, glove compartment, and tackle box, and is a great item to have on hand for your next camping trip!

TO OPEN CAN: Place opener on the can with the rim of the can inside the P38 slot. Hold between thumb and forefinger and twist forward to puncture. Repeat motion until can is open.

Another interesting day for Bryan in Hawaii...May 2015.

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