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Review MRE Au Gratin Potatoes Side Dish

22 Aug, 2012

In this video, we review the MRE Au Gratin Potatoes, a 5 oz side dish made by Ameriqual.

This video was filmed on the island of Molokai, Hawaii, in August 2012.

Our heat source was the 3-Point Butane Stove with an introduction of the new Fuel Adapter.

The canister fuel that is very common in Oregon is impossible to find on the island of Molokai, and the most common bayonet style fuel which can be found at every mom and pop shop on the island doesn't fit the stove. So, I had the crew at the warehouse ship a Fuel Adapter out to us on the island for this week's use.

All in all, we gave the MRE Au Gratin Potatoes side dish a passing grade. The cheese is a bit processed tasting, but as expected for this type of dish. A little salt and pepper helps.

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