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Review Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce

15 Nov, 2016

Back in 2009, we did our first YouTube video with a review of Mountain House Lasagna. That was before Jenny or Jessica joined the crew. Since they had never tried the Mountain House Lasagna on camera, we decided to give it another try.

It's interesting to note that there were not as many noodles as we remembered from the 2009 review, and after looking at the footage from back then it does look like the ratio of noodle to sauce was a bit different.

All in all, the sauce seemed to be on the bland side and we all ended up adding some spices. I don't remember having the same impression back in 2009. But we still think the Mountain House Lasagna is on our "Good List"!

Here's our Updated Review! November 2016

And here's our Original Taste Test Video in November 2009

Four of us try a #10 can of Mountain House Freeze Dried Lasagna with Meat Sauce and share our opinions. Another fun filled day of taste testing reviews at TheEpicenter.com!

To check on price and availability of Mountain House Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce, please visit our Mountain House Freeze Dried Food page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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