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Review LRP Seafood Chowder by Mountain House

13 May, 2016

Our review of an ultra rare Long Range Patrol Ration. We review the Mountain House Seafood Chowder LRP (MCW). We think it is strikingly similar to the limited production run of the Mountain House Seafood Chowder packaged in the #10 can.

The Seafood Chowder LRP/MCW entree provides 580 Calories and 33g of Protein per serving, and the Seafood Chowder #10 Can provided 230 Calories and 13g of Protein per serving.

We all agreed that this is one of the best items Mountain House makes! It's right up there with the Beef Stroganoff, one of our Mountain House best-sellers.

**UPDATE** Both the Seafood Chowder LRP/MCWs and the limited production run of the Seafood Chowder in #10 cans are now SOLD OUT and no longer available. :(

NOTE: Mountain House no longer produces the LRP/MCW brick pack pouches. The new Mountain House Pro-Paks are made to the exacting standards of the U.S. Armed Forces for Long-Range Cold Weather Patrols. The Military Spec Pro-Paks are now being produced for the military in place of the former brown package MCW/LRP rations. Mountain House Military-Spec Pro-Paks have a guaranteed 30-year shelf life when stored unopened in a cool area below 75°F. Mountain House freeze dried foods are recommended for emergency food supplies because of their long storage/shelf life.

To see what's currently in stock, please visit our Mountain House Freeze Dried Food page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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