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Review Blue Can Water | 50 Year Shelf Life Emergency Canned Water

09 Mar, 2016

Here's TheEpicenter's review of Blue Can Water. This long shelf life canned emergency drinking water is packaged in aluminum cans (plastic-free!) and has a BPA-free liner which gives this water a staggering 50 year shelf life! That is the longest shelf life of ANY Emergency Canned Water we have ever seen.

We not only tested the Blue Can Water for it's fresh taste, but also tested the can's strength under pressure as well as what happens when the can is frozen. (Note: The manufacturer recommends storing in a dry area, with temperatures not below 33° F and not higher than 145° F.)

What is Blue Can Water?

Blue Can Premium Emergency Water is purified, sterilized, and pasteurized to remove any chemicals or particles, using a 12 step multi-stage process with active-charcoal filters, dual-reverse osmosis high pressure, six-stage micron traps, two sterilizers using high intensity UV light, active PH balance unit, and a final pass through a high pressure active charcoal micro-filter and water structuring unit to create smaller clusters for better cell absorption.

During the canning process, each can of water is pressurized, removing all oxygen before hermetically sealing for long term storage. This provides protection from UV light and all other possible contaminates making the pure water inside a Blue Can proportional to the shelf life of the aluminum container itself. And, unlike tin and steel, aluminum cans do not rust.

Blue Can Water is filtered and purified to less than one part per million of dissolved solids. This level of purity creates a clean fresh taste most plastic bottles fail to achieve.

Did we like it? Yes! Blue Can Water is now available here at TheEpicenter.com!

For additional details, please visit or Blue Can Water FAQs page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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