Blue Can Water BIG BLUE Emergency Canned Drinking Water, 32 oz (Case of 9) (MARCH 2024)

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BIG BLUE - Blue Can Water | 50 Year Shelf Life Canned Emergency Purified Drinking Water (9 x 32oz Cans)


We are sad to announce that we have received notification that the Blue Can Water manufacturer has ceased production.

Production Date: March 29, 2024 (Best by year 2074)

Nine (9) 32 oz cans of BIG BLUE Lab-Certified Emergency Purified Drinking Water with a 50-year Shelf Life*. This emergency drinking water is easy to store, and a must for emergencies! Great for your home, car, garage, and workplace. This case will provide one person with approximately four days of drinking water. *Shelf life up to 50 years when unopened. Store at 34°F to +150°F (1C to +65C).

  • LITER SIZE cans
  • No more expired water to rotate
  • Won't get a bad taste in a hot vehicle
  • No need to boil or filter
  • Easy to use pop-top cans
  • Recyclable aluminum cans

Experts recommend storing a minimum of 64 oz of water per day per person in sealed containers (2 cans of BIG BLUE). Water is more important than food during a disaster or emergency. Just one case (9 cans) of BIG BLUE - Blue Can Water will provide one (1) person with four (4) days of precious, pure drinking water.

  • Blue Can guarantees a 50-year shelf life when the product is stored properly. See the Blue Can Limited Warranty for details.
  • Temperature fluctuations do not change the quality of the water. For best results, store in a dry location in temperatures between 34°F and no higher than 145°F.
  • Blue Can Water is BPA Free and Plastic Free. It is Purified, Filtered, Sterilized, Disinfected, and canned using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that exceed FDA regulations and bottled water industry standards.
  • The Blue Can Water has the minerals removed by filtering to less than 1 part per million. There are still minerals but they are only extremely small particulates. Additionally, Blue Can goes to great lengths to sterilize the water through UV light and Ozone flooding so there is no bacteria or virus pathogens before the cans are hermetically sealed.

Emergencies Can Happen — Be Prepared with Blue Can Water Storage

Protect your loved ones by preparing your home and office for the worst-case scenario. Store Blue Can Water in your home, office, and vehicle. This water stays fresh for decades of emergency storage.

Canned Water with Amazing Fresh Taste & Purity

Blue Can Premium Emergency Water is purified, sterilized, and pasteurized to remove any chemicals or particles, using a 12 step multi-stage process with active-charcoal filters, dual-reverse osmosis high pressure, six-stage micron traps, two sterilizers using high intensity UV light, active PH balance unit, and a final pass through a high pressure active charcoal micro-filter and water structuring unit to create smaller clusters for better cell absorption.

During the canning process, each can of water is pressurized, removing all oxygen before hermetically sealing for long term storage. This provides protection from UV light and all other possible contaminates making the pure water inside a Blue Can proportional to the shelf life of the aluminum container itself. And, unlike tin and steel, aluminum cans do not rust.

Blue Can Water is filtered and purified to less than one part per million of dissolved solids. This level of purity creates a clean fresh taste most plastic bottles fail to achieve.

Blue Can Water is BPA Free & Plastic Free

BPA-Free Water is healthy water! (BPA is a component of the plastic bottling manufacturing process. Since this water is packaged in aluminum cans, the water is BPA Free.

  • Blue Can packaging and labeling are also plastic-free.
  • The cans contain an epoxy coating on the inside to protect the contents from the metal (as required by the FDA). This epoxy isolates the Blue Can pure water from the aluminum container.
  • Once the water has been purified to less than one part per million (ppm) water purity is retained by immediately "pressure sealing" it in the Blue Cans. Once inside the sealed can, the pure water is also protected from UV light (which can accelerate plastic leaching from plastic bottled water.
  • This canned water is so pure that it will not conduct electricity!
  • Blue Can Pure Water is tested BPA free by a Certified Laboratory. Water analysis reports are performed by third party laboratories, using procedures established by EPA, AOAC, APHA, AWWA, WPCF.

Pure Clean Taste — Blue Can Water Stays Fresh in Heat

Everyone has tried that classic response of going to a hot car and taking out a plastic bottle of water that has been sitting in the heat, leaving a horrible taste! The taste of the plastic bottle has leached into the water. Not true for Blue Can Water!

Blue Can Premium Emergency Canned Water has been tested up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit / 55 degrees Celsius for weeks on end with no noticeable changes in taste. It retains it's fresh clean taste even after being stored in heat.

Blue Can Eco-conscious & Sustainable Packaging

  • Blue Can strives to manufacture the cans from 95% recycled aluminum.
  • 65% of all aluminum cans get recycled versus less than 9% of all plastic bottles actually get recycled. And, Plastic pollutes! Landfills worldwide are overflowing with oil-based plastic bottles.
  • Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable.

Why is Blue Can Water better than Bottled Water?

Plastic Bottles Blue Can Water
Shelf Life 6 months–2 years 50 years*
Contaminant Free No Yes
Chemical Free No Yes
Cost Effective Over Time No Yes
Stays Fresh in Heat No Yes
Water Purity (TDS) No Yes
Impervious to UV Light No Yes
Water Purity 100-400 ppm avg Less than 1 ppm

* When stored as recommended in a dry location between 34°F and 145°F. Avoid freezing.

Radiological Testing on Blue Can's Source Water

Every year, radiological testing is done and no radiological residue has been detected. Water analysis reports are performed by third party laboratories using procedures established by EPA, AOAC, APHA, AWW and WPCF. Extensive testing was conducted by an independent analytical NELAP Accredited Laboratory (Weck Laboratories Inc. ISO 17025, ELAP #1132, LACSD #10143, NELAC #04229CA) who certified that the test results meet all requirements of NELAC. According to the Weck Laboratories' certified lab report, Blue Can Water meets all drinking water standards as established by the State of California Department of Health Services.