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Product Review: PRI Fuel Treatment

09 Feb, 2015

A REAL customer review of the PRI Gasoline Fuel Treatment!

In September 2014, TheEpicenter.com Crew attended our booth at a Preparedness Expo in Florence, Oregon, and one of our customers came up to our booth to say hello. He was on a mini vacation in his motorhome and happened to be in Florence on that day. As we were chatting, he let us know about how much he likes the PRI Gas Treatment and agreed to tell his story on video. Yes, this an actual customer who buys this product from us every year! ...Sorry, the audio is not the best (it was loud in there!).

PRI products are quite popular for fuel storage and it restores old fuel as well. We have many customers who purchase PRI from us year after year for their fuel treatment needs:

  • PRI-G Gasoline Treatment
  • PRI-D Diesel & Kerosene Treatment
  • PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer

For more information about PRI Products, please visit our Fuel Treatments page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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