PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer - Treats 20 Gallons

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PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer (8 oz)

Gasoline Stabilizer Treatment for Small Engines. One 8 oz bottle treats 20 gallons of gasoline, gasoline/fuel-oil mixtures, and oxygenated fuels.

Professional Grade for Small Gas Engines - Ideal for ALL 2 & 4 Cycle Engines

PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer offers true professional grade protection against fuel degradation. That’s because PRI-G contains PRI’s advanced thermal stability chemistry – the same used by commercial vessels and public utilities for maximum fuel protection. PRI-G treats all gasoline, gasoline/fuelpoil mixtures, and oxygenated fuels.

When used regularly, PRI-G will:

  • Keep fuel fresh and ready to use
  • Restore aged fuel to fresh
  • Provide fuel economy
  • Keep entire fuel system clean
  • Improve engine performance
  • Reduce emissions

This means your fuel will stay fresh during long lay-up periods. Fuel systems will stay clean and ready to go for quick starts and maximum engine reliability.

Formulated specifically for small two and four stroke gasoline engines, PRI-G also prevents power-robbing carbon deposits. Your engine stays clean, running at maximum efficiency with optimum fuel economy.

PRI-G is your insurance against costly repairs and premature engine component failures. Simply add one ounce of PRI-G for every 2.5 gallons of fuel or one-half ounce for every 4.7 liters of fuel at each and every fueling.

Best yet, unlike common “dispersant” type stabilizers, PRI-G has an indefinite shelf life when sealed and is fully guaranteed to stabilize any gasoline at any time. In fact, independent laboratory tests prove PRI-G is more effective than any gasoline stability additive available today.

PRI-G may be used at double strength to restore old, stale gasoline when mixed thoroughly with the fuel. PRI-G Small Engine Gas Stabilizer is available in 8 ounce, E-Z measure bottles, treating 20 gallons of gasoline. The shelf life of PRI-G Small Engine Gas Treatment is three years after opening.

Manufactured by Power Research Inc., located in Houston, Texas, USA.

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