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JJ TEE UP Golf Ball & Tee Setting/Pick Up Assist Tool

08 Mar, 2023

Enjoy your Golf Game without Bending Over with the JJ TEE UP!

JJ Tee Up Golf Ball & Tee Assist ToolWhy stop golfing because you are having trouble teeing up your ball? Remove the hassle and let the JJ TEE UP do the work for you. Easily retrieve your tees and golf balls! It helps you manage your back, knee, and hip pain. Perfect for golfers with bending, stooping, or physical limitations, or if you're just plain tired of golf’s repetitive bending over to tee up and pick up the ball. No more bending over with the JJ Tee Up Golf Ball & Tee Setting/Pick Up Assist Tool!

The JJ TEE UP is easy to use — simply put your ball and tee in the J J TEE UP, push the tee into the ground, release the jaws, place the J J TEE UP over to the side in the ground, and tee off. Pick up your tee (or ball if necessary) and down the fairway you go. It's time to get back on the fairway and have fun!

This is a great golf assist device for those who have trouble bending and stooping, seniors, and adaptive golfers.

The JJ TEE UP is available now @ TheEpicenter.com. Get yours today and enjoy the game!