JJ TEE UP Golf Ball & Tee Setting/Pick Up Assist Tool (Adaptive Golf Assistance)

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Enjoy your Golf Game without Bending Over with the JJ TEE UP

Why stop golfing because you are having trouble teeing up your ball? Remove the hassle and let the J J TEE UP do the work for you!

Easily retrieve your tees and golf balls! It helps you manage your back, knee, and hip pain. Perfect for golfers with bending, stooping, or physical limitations, or if you’re just plain tired of golf’s repetitive bending over to tee up and pick up the ball. No more bending over!

The JJ TEE UP is easy to use — simply put your ball and tee in the J J TEE UP, push the tee into the ground, release the jaws, place the J J TEE UP over to the side in the ground, and tee off. Pick up your tee (or ball if necessary) and down the fairway you go. It's time to get back on the fairway and have fun!

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Repair divots and remove ball from the cup
  • A great golf assist device for those who have trouble bending and stooping, seniors, and adaptive golfers

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 31 inches long (33-1/2 inches long in the packaging), Product Weight: 0.35 lbs (5.6 oz)
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 34″ x 8″ x 2″, Shipping Weight: 2 lbs*
  • Includes two (2) Martini tees. Although the packaging says to "always use a Martini tee", 3-inch standard tees can also be used.
  • Can be used for right or left handed players

* Shipping Note: The JJ Tee Up ships in a box which is considered "oversize" by the US Postal Service. We are sorry, but this item is not eligible for a shipping discount.

General Instructions for Use

Note: The jaw end can be rotated 360 degrees

  1. Grip the handle holding the J J TEE UP horizontally, turn the opposite end (jaws) to where the plastic holder and the steel pin are in the downward position.
  2. Have the golf ball and tee in the other hand.
  3. With the jaws above horizontal and in the open position, place the golf ball in the cup between the jaws.
  4. Place the tee in the slotted end between the slots in the jaws.
  5. Grip and close the jaws.
  6. Put the JJ TEE UP in a vertical position (golf ball and tee downward), and vertically press the tee into the ground.
  7. Release the grip and move the jaws away from the ball and tee horizontally.
  8. Stand the JJ TEE UP off to the side — Using the steel pin, push the J J TEE UP into the ground close by and out of the way.
  9. Strike your ball.
  10. After striking the ball, use the J TEE UP and pick up your tee by pressing the steel pin into the ground close to the tee and closing the jaws.
  11. If your golf ball is also on the ground you can use the JJ TEE UP to pick up your golf ball as well.
  12. Using the trigger guard, hang the JJ TEE UP on your golf bag and down the fairway you go!

Important Note: Due to conditions beyond our control, golf tee boxes can become hard to push the tee into the ground (dry or frozen ground). We suggest holding the J J TEE UP vertically using the steel point to start the hole for the golf tee, and work the tee up and down to the desired depth.