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Chicken Strips, Tomatoes & Mushrooms in a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

28 Feb, 2017

What happens when you try to freeze dry Fajita Chicken Strips, Tomatoes, and Mushrooms in Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer?

The shocking result in this batch was how good the freeze dried "diced" tomatoes were! Since trying them, we did a second batch — Yes, they were that good!

The chicken strips are something we usually have in the freezer for an easy lunch here at the warehouse. So, we asked ourselves, "Why not see how well it freeze dries for long term storage?"

The chicken strips work really well in wraps and salads, so we tried the rehydrated chicken strips to demonstrate.

We haven't done anything with the freeze dried mushrooms yet. Our plan is to freeze dry a bunch of different components that can be used to make a tasty lunch or dinner using all freeze dried and rehydrated items. It will be a while until we have a wide enough variety of things, but we are chipping away at it...

For more information on the benefits of home freeze drying, an introduction to Harvest Right Freeze Dryers, and information on how you can own your own freeze dryer, please visit our Harvest Right Freeze Dryers page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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