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Cottage Cheese in our Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer

17 Jan, 2017

What happens when you freeze dry Cottage Cheese in a Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer?

Bryan LOVES cottage cheese, so he freeze dried five (5) pounds of it in our personal home freeze dryer! The cottage cheese filled 2-1/2 trays. We have a 4-tray Standard Harvest Right model, so the remaining tray space was filled with diced peaches.

The process of reconstituting the freeze dried cottage cheese took a bit longer than expected since cold water was used (but who wants warm or hot cottage cheese anyway? LOL). As usual, the taste testers were eager to try this! What we tried on camera was still a tad crunchy and could have used a bit more time to rehydrate.

Those of us at TheEpicenter who like and tasted our home freeze-dried cottage cheese thought it was great.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures with TheEpicenter crew and our HarvestRight Home Freeze Dryer!

Next project: Freeze Dried Pickles, Soup, and Prepared Pasta, "Oh My!"

For more information on the benefits of home freeze drying, an introduction to Harvest Right Freeze Dryers, and information on how you can own your own freeze dryer, please visit our Harvest Right Freeze Dryers page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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