Potable Aqua with PA Plus Water Purification Tablets

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Potable Aqua Water Purification with PA Plus

Germicidal tablets for questionable water with PA Plus to remove iodine taste and color.

  • Potable Aqua Tablets provide purified drinking water from any fresh water source
  • PA Plus tablets (the jar with the yellow lid) removes iodine taste and color
  • Treats up to 25 quarts

Potable Aqua germicidal tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water. When used as directed they make most water bacteriological suitable for drinking. Used worldwide by hikers, campers, militaries and emergency organizations.

Use these iodine-based tablets when water is of questionable quality. Not to be used on a continuous basis. PA Plus tablets are neutralizing tablets that are used to remove iodine after-taste and color, after water has been treated.

CAUTION: Potable Aqua tabs do not kill cryptosporidium.


  • Active Ingredients:
    • Tetraglycine Hydroperiodide 16.7%

Each tablet contains 6.68 Titratable Iodine