Oxygen Absorbers, 2000cc (10-count)

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2000cc Oxygen Absorber Sachets for Do-It-Yourself Food Storage

Safely store your own beans, rice, grains, and other dried and dehydrated food products. Approved and safe for food storage! Use when storing foods such as Dried Meats (Jerky), Grains, Rice, Pet Foods, Herbs, Tea, Coffee, Tobacco, Seeds, Nuts, and Dried Fruits.

Recommended for use with 5-GALLON size Mylar Bags

  • Absorbs Oxygen (O2) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Reaches O2 free in 24 hours (at normal temperature)
  • Prevents mold & microbial growth
  • Prevents discoloration & oxidation of fat
  • Prevents degradation of the taste, flavor, and nutrition
  • Protects against insects

When food is filled to the top of a 5–6 gallon bucket, we recommend using one (1) oxygen absorber for smaller grains like rice, or two (2) oxygen absorbers for beans, corn, and larger grains and dried noodles.

Remove as much air in the Mylar bag (20" x 30") before heat sealing the edge. There is no need to vacuum the remaining air out (the oxygen absorber will take care of that -- deoxygenation will occur over the next 2 to 5 days).

NOTE: Oxygen absorbers should be used within 30 minutes, but must be used within two (2) hours after opening the 10-count absorber bag. We recommend filling the Mylar bags with food (if using food-grade buckets, place the bags in their respective buckets before opening the absorber bag). When ready to seal the Mylar bags, cut open the absorber package and place the absorbers into the Mylar bags and seal the bags immediately with a heating element (like a household iron).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not open your bag of oxygen absorbers until you are ready to use them. Unused oxygen absorbers should be vacuum sealed using a vacuum sealing machine in an airtight Mason jar or small Mylar bag (the smallest container possible). When storing unused oxygen absorbers, it's important to have as little air (oxygen) in contact with them as possible! Some people fill unused space in the jar or bag with rice to reduce the amount of free air in the container.

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