Mylar Bags - 1-QUART, 8" x 10" with 2" ZIPLOCK, 5.25 mil (25-pack)

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Quart-size Mylar Bags for Do-It Yourself Food Storage

8-in. x 10-in. High Quality 5.25-mil Mylar Bags with ZIP LOCK SEAL. Perfect for smaller batch long term food storage.

Mylar bags are commonly used for long term storage of dried and dehydrated foods like grains, beans, corn, seeds, rice, etc. The metalized barrier protects food from moisture, light, and oxygen. Mylar bags are popular due to their good puncture resistance, outstanding oxygen barrier, and relatively low cost.

  • 25-pack of high quality 5.25 mil thick ZIP LOCK Mylar bags
  • Made of a multi-layer poly and aluminum foil laminated together
  • Each bag measures 8" x 10" (with 2" zip lock)
  • 3-side Seal, Tear Notch, Flush Cut, Food Grade
  • Bags are ready to zip lock and seal for long term storage of product
  • These bags reflect light, provide a moisture and oxygen barrier, and they are puncture and tear resistant
  • Air cannot get in or out of a properly sealed Mylar bag
  • FDA approved material (used in the food, medical, and general industry), made in the USA.

Although not required, we recommend the use of food grade plastic buckets with gamma seal lids for protection and storage of the Mylar bag and its contents.

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