MRE Beverage Bag (50-pack) [Bags DO NOT produce heat]

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MRE Hot Beverage Bags 50-count

Not a normal zipper-lock style bag! Make a hot beverage using a standard MRE heater (flameless ration heater NOT included!) with a Hot Beverage Bag developed for the military. These bags have unique features including resistance to the high temperature MRE heaters develop. They are designed to heat water for beverages but have many, many other uses!

NOTE: These Beverage Bags do not produce heat!

These handy bags are intended to hold water to heat MRE beverages like coffee, but they also have many other uses. Use your imagination! Note: The Hot Beverage Bags do not produce heat and only provide a way to contain items.

Anything you can put inside the special high temperature bag can be heated using an MRE heater (available for purchase separately). Even if the item (once placed inside the beverage bag) can't fit in the MRE heater, it can be placed ON TOP of an activated heater.

Using Hot Bags for heating beverages

  • Fill the bag with the desired amount of water (using the printed ounce marks on the bag)
  • Pour in the desired mix (instant coffee, cocoa, tea)
  • Seal the bag (zip-lock style)
  • Place the bag inside the heater unit and activate the heater
  • Wait approximately six (6) minutes and you've got a really hot drink!

These bags have measuring marks for 6 oz, 8 oz, and 12 oz. with instructions. Simply read the instructions for the beverage you want to make, determine how much water to use, and fill the bag to the mark.

Other great uses for the MRE Hot Beverage Bags

  • They can be used for making hot coffee, hot apple cider, hot tea, or any hot beverage of your choice!
  • A meal heated with MRE Hot Beverage Bag (heating element required)Heat Hot Dogs and Buns in an MRE Hot Beverage Bag (heating element required)Heat a 15oz can of Pork and Beans in an MRE Hot Beverage Bag (heating element required)A whole can (15 oz) of pork and beans fit in these special bags (see photo far left). Although the combined package won't fit inside the MRE heater, it can be placed ON TOP of the MRE heater and lets the product spread across the surface of the heater for maximum heat transfer.
  • Or, how about things that don't fit inside MRE heaters like Hot Dogs and Buns? In this example, the buns don't need a lot of heat and don't need to be inside the heater. The Hot Dogs can be inside or on top of the heater, and the buns can be warmed with the excess heat.
  • If you are traveling, use these bags to pack your mouthwash, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
  • Store your medicines, matches, tinder, first aid supplies, cell phone, or snacks. Keep your small items safe and dry!