Mountain House PAD THAI with CHICKEN Pouch (2 Servings) (2023)

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Mountain House Pad Thai with Chicken in a Convenient Pouch

Rice noodles with chicken, garlic, carrots, and red bell peppers in a deliciously sweet and savory sauce. 2 servings. Gluten-Free!

Production Date: 2023 (Best by 2053)

Whether you're going on an outdoor adventure or are planning for your emergency food supplies, Mountain House Adventure Meals™ will bring you comfort knowing you'll have a hot, satisfying meal even if you're without electricity for several days.

  • 100% freeze dried food
  • Easy to prepare — just add water to the stand-up zipper pouch
  • Great for camping, hiking, backpacking, outdoor trips, motorcycle & RV adventures, and emergency food storage
  • 30+ year shelf life when stored unopened in a cool area below 75 degrees F

Mountain House Adventure Meal Pouches

This Mountain House entree is fully cooked and then freeze dried to retain all important nutrients and flavor. Just add boiling water, and you will have a hot, tasty meal in less than 10 minutes (cold or room temperature water can be used, but it will increase the rehydration/reconstitution time to about 20 minutes).

Why Mountain House?

Mountain House freeze dried foods are the top choice for backpacking, hiking, camping, and RV trips, and great for emergencies too!

We are a stocking dealer for the Mountain House brand product line. Our inventory is current and fresh stock. We receive our shipments direct from the manufacturer, OFD Foods LLC (formerly Oregon Freeze Dry), located in Albany, Oregon (about 45 minutes north of our warehouse facility in Eugene).

Storage and Handling

DO NOT OPEN UNTIL READY TO USE. Store your food in dry, sanitary conditions, avoiding any environment that could cause damage to the packaging. Pouches should be stored unopened. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 75°F to maximize shelf life.

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