Mess Kit (US 304 Military Style, Stainless Steel)

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Military-style Reproduction Stainless Steel Mess Kit (New)

Stainless Steel GI Mess Kits have been the mainstay of the US military for over 50 years and have been nearly impossible to find for several years, in any condition! These are new, high quality reproduction Mess Kits.Ideal for camping, survival, and outdoor use.

The GI style Stainless Steel Mess Kit consists of two (2) pieces:

  • First, there is an 8" x 6 1/2" x 1 1/2" main cooking pan with an 8" fold down handle. The handle folds down and securely locks over the second piece
  • The second piece serves two functions — Not only is it a lid that the folding handle fits over, but it also functions as a divided serving dish. When the lid is installed, there is ample space inside for a cutlery set, can opener and other items