Generator Bracket - HORIZONTAL Shaft SHORT Version

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Horizontal Shaft SHORT Generator Bracket

For use with our Horizontal Shaft Belt Drive Generator Project

The simple way to build your own generator! Add a DC to AC power converter, and you have a super high output DC charging system, as well as an AC generator. A unique one-piece universal mounting bracket that mounts a GM 10si or GM 12si alternator to a horizontal shaft gas engine. This bracket bolts to the motor and allows the alternator to bolt directly to the bracket. Be aware, you must have a battery hooked up to the alternator, or you will damage the internal voltage regulator.

We have designed and manufactured a simple, one piece universal mounting bracket specifically for this task! This bracket bolts to the motor (using a universal bolt pattern), and allows the alternator to bolt directly to the bracket. The bracket also has an integral belt adjustment slot which allows the alternator position to be adjusted, which serves to tension the belt.

The short version bracket is intended for applications when you want a more compact system and have an engine with no obstructions on one side. These brackets are designed for the small footprint GM 10SI Alternator. Larger alternators will not fit!

Bracket Details

  • 16.5" long x 8" tall
  • 9" from center of motor shaft to center of alternator shaft with belt adjusted in center
  • 6.6" between standard 2 bolt mounting bolts for GM 10si or 12si alternator
  • Made from 10 gauge Steel (0.135" thick)
  • Available in Bare Steel (no finish)

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