Alternator Fan - Bi-Directional

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Bi-Directional Alternator Fan

  • Fits Our GM-style 10Si and 12Si Alternators
  • Diameter: 5-9/16"
  • Bore: 17mm (0.669")

If you already have an alternator, we cannot guarantee these will fit. They will only fit if the existing fan has a dish in the center, and the dish points toward the alternator.

Q: Doesn't the alternator run backwards?
A: Yes, in several of these projects the alternator turns in the opposite direction. An alternator will function in either direction.

Q: Is cooling an issue when the fan runs in the wrong direction?
A: In most situations, no. The fan still functions but at reduced efficiency. The alternators in our projects are bolted to a metal mounting plate which acts as a large heat sink. We do offer a special bi-directional fan that can be used in place of the stock fan. This fan is as efficient when rotated in either direction.

Q: Where can I find a reverse fan?
A: Right here at! For a true reverse direction fan, you will find them used on '65-'69 Corvairs. But the Corvair fans have an integral pulley which cannot be removed and is not the ideal diameter.