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Mountain House Can Sale - March 2015's Disaster Preparedness Checklist's Disaster Preparedness has compiled the list below to help you prepare for an emergency. Each major category from our "How to Prepare for an Emergency" list is represented in a short form listing below. You can click on the link above to see the complete list, or use the button in the menu below.

If you have read the complete "How To" list but have forgotten the details on a specific item on the check list below, just click on the empty box next to the item. This will take you to item specific information from our "How to list."

We hope you will check off each box as you have completed the item as in the example below:

Read and print this page!I have read and printed this page!

Prepare at work.At work:

Box.I have read my company's evacuation plan and know where to meet after an emergency.
Box.I know where exit routes, fire extinguishers, and medical kits are located.
Box.I have assembled supplies and have them stored in my desk.
Box.I carry a list of important phone numbers in my wallet.

Prepare your car.The car:

Box.I make a point to keep the tank full.
Box.I keep tools in the trunk.
Box.I keep the car mechanically sound and ready to use.
Box.I keep supplies in the car for use in an emergency.

Prepare your home.At home:

Box.The water heater is strapped to the wall.
Box.I know where to shut off the water, power, and gas and have placed the tools at each location.
Box.Anything that would have fallen on my head has been secured to the wall.
Box.I have moved the bleach and ammonia to separate locations.
Box.I know the unsafe locations in the house.
Box.I have made an emergency plan and know escape routes and meeting places.
Box.Emergency lighting has been installed in selected outlets.
Box.I know the location of the nearest police, fire station, and hospital.
Box.I know which neighbors have medical experience.
Box.I have talked with my neighbors about emergency preparedness.
Box.My neighbors have keys to my house, and they know how to turn off my utilities.
Box.My neighbors also have a list of my important phone numbers.
Box.My household has conducted a home evacuation drill.
Box.My children know how to get help from neighbors and 911.
Box.Each family member carries a family photo.
Box.I have evaluated what supplies my family needs to store.
Box.I have the proper amount of water stored for emergency use.
Box.I have stored emergency food supplies.
Box.I have stored cooking items for emergency use.
Box.I have stored emergency items to use as shelter.
Box.I have a first aid kit.
Box.I have stored emergency lighting equipment.
Box.I have stored items to keep in touch with the world.
Box.I have positioned tools that I will need in an emergency.
Box.I have stored sanitation supplies.
Box.I have stored supplies for the baby.
Box.I have stored misc. supplies including money for emergency use.

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