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Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 at TheEpicenter

28 Nov, 2016

We celebrated our Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 at TheEpicenter.com on Friday (November 25th) this year. Our EpicenterFamily's Thanksgiving turkey dinner was...well...crazy great!

Happy Thanksgiving from TheEpicenter Crew!

Our feast was prepared by EpicenterBryan and EpicenterJenny, and enjoyed by all — even EpicenterJohn, who was late for dinner...again (LOL).

The Turkey...

We thawed a frozen turkey (a 12.5 pounder) in brine for 4 days. We fully expected the bird to take over 4 hours to cook at 325 degrees in our little warehouse oven. But Nope! We accidentally discovered a trick that fully cooked it to 190 degrees in 2 hours!

The Brine

We share our discovery on how our turkey cooked so quickly!

We also share the odd brine solution and spices we used that made this the "hands down - best turkey" we have ever made! (Yes, BEST TURKEY EVER!)

On behalf of the entire crew, we hope your Thanksgiving day was as enjoyable as ours was!

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