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Test Results from a Severely Damaged Mountain House Can

24 Jul, 2015

In 2006, we received a can of Mountain House Diced Chicken that was severely damaged in transit to our warehouse. We saved the can and, last summer (2014), Mountain House agreed to test the contents to see if the the diced chicken had been compromised. At the time of testing in 2015, this can of Diced Chicken had been stored in our warehouse since 2006, and was already 8-years old!

Although Mountain House sent us the test results last year, we decided to hold off posting the data until our Mountain House rep was in town again, and she was recently here for a visit (late July 2015).

Alise Barnes, our rep from Mountain House, came to visit us to review those test results for our YouTube channel viewers. We hope the information is useful, and please share the video if you think it is...

One thing to note: Mountain House (OFD Foods) does not recommend consuming product from cans with obvious seam or seal damage (like this can had). However, the test results for this specific can, as damaged as it was, showed that the chicken was still wholesome and within specs! That's great news!

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