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23 Oct, 2019

Our taste test review of the new entrees by MRE Star: The MRE Tuscan Beef with Cannellini Beans, Lentils and Vegetables by MRESTAR. EpicenterJohn forgot his lunch today so we decided to try one of the our new MRE Entrees with him.

All three of us thought this entree teetered at about 3.5 stars. We would have likely given this entree a solid 4-stars except for the very overpowering flavor of Rosemary(?). We were pleased that the beef cubes don't taste like "processed beef." All in all, we thought there should be more Cannellini Beans and less Rosemary and Spices.

This hearty entree provides 220 calories. It is more like a soup, and we think it would be a good winter, cold-weather MRE dish, but we would also recommend adding a side of Rice to the dish.

For more information and availability of this MRE Entree, please visit our MRE Entrees & Sides page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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