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Review MRE Spinach Fettuccine & MRE Chunk Chicken Entrees

10 Sep, 2015

TheEpicenter crew's review of two new MRE entrees for 2015 — the MRE Spinach Fettuccine and the Chunk Chicken, both by Ameriqual.

The Chicken Chunks are quite moist and even better than canned chicken. The Spinach Fettuccine is very good but when we added the Chicken Chunks to it...it is now a new favorite! Great combination!!!

In this video, we also introduce Epicenter Willie K, our new puppy (aka the Monster Puppy)! The warehouse and home was quite lonely after the loss of our dear Luna in March 2015, and this little guy is JUST WHAT WE NEEDED! We've got him in puppy school and he WILL learn how to behave properly... ;)

MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) are an easy and price effective option for your emergency supplies, food storage, and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and picnicking. Under proper storage conditions, MREs have a long shelf life, are packaged in durable foil pouches, and are easy to pack and store.

**UPDATE** Both of these entrees are now sold out and are unavailable from the manufacturer. Should we be offered these again, we will jump on it! But we're not holding our breath...

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