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Review MRE Shredded BBQ Beef Entree by Ameriqual

06 Nov, 2014

In this video we reviewed the MRE Shredded BBQ Beef entree, a new military menu release in 2014, made by Ameriqual.

One word: Wow!

Bryan says..."I guess I should say more... I think this one just catapulted to the top of our favorite MRE Entree list. It's made by Ameriqual, and is a real stand out. I'm not sure if we have ever had such a unanimous (and a good one at that) reaction to an entree. Off the charts great."

TheEpicenter Crew gives this new entree RAVING REVIEWS! The Hawaiian Sweet Bread or even MRE Hamburger Buns are a great match to make your own BBQ beef sandwiches! This one is a "must have" for your emergency food storage. We will definitely use this for our camping and outdoor trips too! And we're hoping that the MRE manufacturers will start packaging "Horsey Sauce" for those of us who LOVE horseradish sauce on our barbecue beef! ;)

**UPDATE** This entree has sold out of our inventory. To see what's currently available, please visit our MRE Entrees & Sides page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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