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Review MRE Key & MRE Hash Browns with Bacon

05 May, 2012

In this video review, we tried the MRE Hash Browns with Bacon, a 5 oz side dish. We also demonstrate the use of the "MRE Key" — a stainless steel device for squeezing out all the contents of an MRE pouch (exclusively available from TheEpicenter.com). The MRE Key device fits entree and side dish pouches.

The hash browns were very satisfying, although we thought the dish did need a bit of salt and pepper. The shredded potatoes were cooked well but not browned. There is a small amount of bell peppers which was not in the hash browns we had taste tested several years ago, but we still like the MRE hash browns.

The MRE Key is exclusively sold by TheEpicenter.com. For pricing and availability, please visit our MRE Accessories page @ TheEpicenter.com.

**UPDATE** The Hash Browns are now sold out and no longer available. To see what's currently in stock, please visit our MRE Entrees & Sides page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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