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Review MRE Hamburger Buns

15 Apr, 2015

TheEpicenter Crew were curious about the MRE Hamburger Buns. So, on the rare spring day in Eugene, Oregon, when there's sunshine it was a great excuse to grill some burgers for lunch!

We discovered that the buns were not "scored" so Jessica sliced them up in anticipation of a taste test with our grilled burger patties.

The buns, manufactured by Sterling Foods, and come 6 per package.

We were impressed! Other ideas to use the buns: MRE Sloppy Joe, MRE Beef Patty, MRE Taco Filling, and more. These are great items to use for your camping trips, a family picnic outing, or for your emergency preparedness supplies.

**UPDATE** Sterling Foods has discontinued the Hamburger Buns and they are no longer available.

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