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Review MRE Caffeinated Chocolate Pudding

14 Jun, 2016

A mini review of the 2015 production MRE Caffeinated Chocolate Pudding, a brand new item here at TheEpicenter.

We recently received a shipment of First Strike Ration components, including this interesting side dish. Here's what we thought about the MRE Caffeinated Chocolate Pudding:

Jenny...it's NOT chocolate gravy!!!

If you ever need a little pick-me-up, try this "big kid" version of ready-to-eat chocolate pudding with caffeine (equivalent to about a cup of coffee). Surprisingly, this side dish received all thumbs up from the three taste testers here at TheEpicenter!

**UPDATE** — the Caffeinated Chocolate Pudding is no longer available. The military has replaced this with the MRE Chocolate Pudding with Protein.

This 4.5 oz First Strike Ration component contains 180mg of Caffeine per serving (single-serving pouch), and can be used as a dessert, snack, or supplement. This ready to eat pudding can be eaten cold or warmed up.

MRE Meals Ready to Eat single-serving entrees and side dishes are an easy and price effective option for your emergency supplies, food storage, and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and picnicking. Under proper storage conditions, MREs have a long shelf life, are packaged in durable foil pouches, and are easy to pack and store.

  • No cooking required
  • No refrigeration required
  • 5-7+ year shelf life when stored at 80°F — longer if kept in cooler conditions
  • MRE retort pouches are extremely durable and easy to store

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