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Review Mountain House Raw Egg Mix Military Pouch

29 Jan, 2015

In this video we review the Mountain House Raw Egg Mix (Uncooked) packaged in the large foil Military Pouch. This is a freeze dried product! ...do you think Jenny liked this one?

Easy to prepare:

  • Add recommended cold water and cook!
  • Make plain scrambled eggs or add your favorite ingredients to make a yummy omelette!
  • Can also be used in recipes calling for a large quantity of raw eggs (can be tricky measuring)
  • Note: This Egg Mix is packaged with raw eggs and REQUIRES COOKING!

**UPDATE** We are sold out of the Mountain House Military Silver Foil Pouches. Should these ever become available to us again, we will definitely bring them back into our inventory!

To see current availability of Mountain House Military products, please visit our Mountain House Pro-Paks & Military page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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