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Review Mountain House FUSILLI PASTA with Italian Sausage Pouch

14 Feb, 2019

A new item in 2019! Mountain House Fusilli Pasta with Italian Sausage, available in a 2-serving pouch. TheEpicenter Crew (minus Jessica) reviewed this new item and also compared it to its prototype we received last summer (2018). Here's our taste test review:

Bryan , Janet, and John think this new Mountain House entree is pretty darn good! It's nice to have another option in the Mountain House product line for fans of Italian food. The Italian-spiced sauce used in this dish (Foo-Zee-Lee) makes it quite a bit different than what Mountain House uses in their Spaghetti and Lasagna dishes.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Mountain House has discontinued this item. To see what's currently in stock, please visit our Mountain House Freeze Dried Food page.

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