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Review Mountain House Food - Sweet & Sour Pork

28 Nov, 2016

**UPDATED REVIEW — November 2016**: We decided to try the Mountain House Sweet & Sour Pork again for lunch here at TheEpicenter, and here's our "updated" review:

**ORIGINAL REVIEW — May 2012**: In this taste test review, we try a #10 can of Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice, a freeze dried food product manufactured by Mountain House. Several of the crew had tried this before, and a few had not.

One of our IT guys, Jason, also shared his opinions. And Jessica made a rare appearance.

Although the Sweet & Sour Pork has been DISCONTINUED by Mountain House, please visit our Mountain House Freeze Dried Food page to see what's currently available and in stock @ TheEpicenter.

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