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Review Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl & Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash

20 Oct, 2016

TheEpicenter crew did a taste test review on two new products scheduled for release in 2017: The Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl and Mountain House Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash.

We all agreed that the Chicken Fajita Bowl is excellent! It's extremely reminiscent of the Mountain House Chicken Fajita Wrap (unfortunately, no longer in production). Tasty, filling, and a great new item adds to the variety of Mountain House products. Try it in an MRE Tortilla!

We had mixed reviews on the Mountain House Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash (no longer available; discontinued by Mountain House) with shredded beef, hashbrowns, green chili peppers, black beans, cholula sauce, and onions. Although the flavor profile was okay, the texture of this breakfast dish was what threw most of us off. This particular breakfast item was intentionally created without eggs (for those who don't like eggs or have an egg allergy), but we all thought this dish would have received a better overall review if it contained eggs.

All Mountain House products (except for ice creams and some military pouches) have a guaranteed 30-year shelf life when stored unopened in a cool area below 75°F. Mountain House freeze dried foods are highly recommended for emergency food supplies, camping, motorcycle & RV road trips, hunting, backpacking, hiking, and picnicking, or any time you want an easy-to-fix meal.

To check on current availability and pricing, please visit our Mountain House Freeze Dried Food page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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