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Review LuminAID Renegade Packlite 16

16 Jun, 2016

We were given the opportunity to review a new product — the LuminAID Renegade Packlite 16. This "camo print" version is a limited edition product manufactured by LuminAID, which you may have seen on Shark Tank, the popular ABC Show.

Yes. Absolutely. We think this is a VERY COOL product!

We personally purchased and own several LuminAid products including the Packlite 16 (discontinued, no longer available), the Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern, and the Inflatable Solar Lantern + Phone Charger. These handy solar lights have not only come in handy for our camping trips, but also when we lost power for a week due to a winter storm!

**UPDATE** Although we no longer offer LuminAid products in our inventory, LuminAid products are available at Amazon.com:

N/A LuminAid Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern
N/A LuminAid 2-in-1 Inflatable Solar Camping Lantern & Phone Charger