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Review Bridgford Sandwich Tortilla Wraps - BBQ Pork & Mexican Beef

11 May, 2016

Our review of the Bridgford Sandwich Tortilla Wraps — BBQ Pork & Mexican Style Beef. These wraps (2 wraps per pouch!) were added to the Bridgford MRE production line in 2016. These filled tortilla wrap sandwiches are found in the U.S. First Strike Rations (FSR) and are just now becoming available to the general public.

We tried both of the new Bridgford Tortilla Wraps, and here's what we thought:

NOTE: The Pork with BBQ Sauce Wrap actually has sugar content, but we thought the Mexican Style Beef Wraphad a "sweeter" taste — 15g Sugar in the BBQ Pork, compared to 5g Sugar in the Mexican Style Beef Wrap.

Like all Bridgford MRE Sandwiches, these fully cooked filled wraps are shelf stable, and have a 3-year shelf life when stored below 80 degrees (shelf life can be extended when stored in cooler conditions).

The Bridgford Ready to Eat Sandwiches (and new sandwich wraps) are an inexpensive meal solution for emergency preparedness, camping, hunting, backpacking, hiking, picnicking, RV & Motorcycle Road Trips, and more.

Bridgford Shelf Stable Sandwiches are approved and used by the U.S. Military!

For pricing and availability of these Bridgford MREs, please visit our MRE Sandwiches & Bread page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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