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Review Bridgford Whole Wheat & White Flat Breads

23 Mar, 2015

Here's our review of two of the Bridgford Sandwich Breads: Whole Wheat and White Flat Breads.

We were having Pasta Fagioli soup, and decided we really wanted some garlic bread. The only problem was we didn't have any bread. So, we decided to pair up the soup with two sandwich flat breads by Bridgford Foods. We snazzed it up a bit in the oven with some butter and garlic powder.

"Fa-goo-lee, Fa-gee-o-lee, Fa-jee-o-lee"...LOL

We've tasted these off camera, and once again we give these THUMBS UP! Especially with garlic and butter...yum. Another fun lunch at TheEpicenter!

These shelf stable breads are made by Bridgford Foods, who also makes the MRE sandwiches (First Strike Sandwiches). For more information, please visit our MRE Sandwiches & Bread page @ TheEpicenter.com.

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