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Review BEEF STROGANOFF - Mountain House vs Peak Refuel

15 Nov, 2022

On a recent camping trip, we decided to do another taste test brand comparison. We did a review of BEEF STROGANOFF - Mountain House vs Peak Refuel, both are available in a 2-serving pouch. One is a clear winner!

We have always had a stash of the Mountain House Beef Stroganoff in our motorhome for camping trips. It has always been one of our go-to items for a camping dinner, but it looks like we have a new item to stock in our getaway RV when we run out!

We gave the Peak Refuel version a solid 5 out of 5 rating. The rating was so high we had to downgrade the new Mountain House version; 3-4 stars is not a bad number at all, it's just the Peak Refuel version was really special!

Bryan and Janet both say this is "CRAZY GOOD!" Bryan says the Peak Refuel version is so good it could be served cold as a side dish or pasta salad at a BBQ. The only issue we really have with Peak pouches is that the directions are a bit difficult to read (black background).

Nutrition comparison:

BEEF STROGANOFF (2-serving pouch)
Calories/serving 400 280
Total Fat/serving 23g 12g
Cholesterol/serving 100mg 45mg
Sodium/serving 470mg 790mg
Carbs/serving 25g 32g
Protein/serving 20g 12g
Total Net Weight/pouch 5.0oz 4.3oz

For more info, price, and availability of all Mountain House and Peak Refuel products:

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