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Portable Folding BBQ Grill Product Review

18 May, 2012

From time to time, vendors send us samples of new products. We try these samples and sometimes they pass our standards, sometimes they don't. In this humorous video you get a chance to see a product we decided not to sell for obvious reasons: The Portable Folding BBQ Grill. Here's our review:

After Bryan put the Portable Folding Barbeque Grill together, he realized how absurd the product design was. Then he had Eric and Jenny independently assemble the unit. Everyone had the same problems assembling it, so Bryan asked Janet give it a try, and Janet's experience was not unique.

The takeaway: This Folding BBQ is not only disposable after use, it should be disposed of BEFORE use!

We are thinking a "product pass or fail" series of videos might be fun. And, for this product, we have decided it is not a good fit for our inventory.

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