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Parts List for Harvest Right Freeze Dryer JB Vacuum Pump Oil Filter System

10 Nov, 2017

EpicenterBryan's recommended parts list for the Automatic Oil Filter / Water Separator for theHarvest Right Freeze Dryer JB Industries Vacuum Pump / Oil Filter System.

Oil in your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer? SOLVED! JB Industries Eliminator Pump Valve Issue. If you are using the JB Industries Vacuum Pump and are having issues with oil in your freeze dryer, we have an informational/educational video on the subject: Oil In Your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer? on our EpicenterBryan YouTube Channel.

**UPDATE** Harvest Right no longer offers the JB Industries Vacuum Pump. If you're looking to get a new pump, we highly recommend the Harvest Right Premier Pump — we have heard of no issues with the Premier Pumps from any of our customers! For more information and pricing on the PREMIER PUMPS, please contact Harvest Right directly.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** EpicenterBryan is now using a LEYBOLD VACUUM PUMP to operate our two freeze dryers. For more information and pricing on the Leybold Pump, please Contact Us.

EpicenterBryan says, "I built a filter system to clean the oil and separate water at the same time for my Harvest Right JB Pump. The best part is that I don't have to drain the oil, and it can happen while the pump is running!"

"The system is simple. It uses a diesel fuel filter that has a built in water separator. There is also a gas / diesel fuel pump that pulls oil through the filter, and returns it to the vacuum pump. The oil originates from where oil is normally drained out of the vacuum pump (to filter), and it is returned to the pump where you would normally fill with oil. There are a bunch of fittings involved, and also some clear vinyl tubing. I've run the system for about 3 months and the vinyl has had no issues having oil in it the whole time."

"I discovered that the re-circulation pump doesn't need to run the entire time, so I added a programmable timer to control how long it's on and how long it's off."

"If you are going to do something like this, I'm sure it will void your pump warranty. This project is for the experimenters out there who want to take the risk."

"I've now run over 30 batches and will open the pump when I hit 40 batches to see how clean it is inside... That's twice as many batches as they recommend between cleaning the inside. Time will tell."


Product Photo Item Name EpicenterBryan's Notes
N/A Diesel Fuel and Water Separator Filter This is the filter used in the video.
N/A Diesel Filter Mounting Base Install plugs in unused ports.
N/A 12 Volt Universal Electric Fuel Pump This is the exact same part Bryan Used (connector could not be found locally; replaced with this one).
N/A 12V Power Supply This will be the easiest option for most people. It includes a screw terminal connector marked "+" and "-" to hook up the 12V power to the controller.
N/A 12V Digital Timer Relay This is the same controller Bryan used. It is the 12 volt version. Make sure you get the 12 Volt unit!!!
N/A 24-Pin On/Off Cable Only needed if using the PC power supply; plugs into a standard PC power supply so you can turn ON/OFF.
N/A 3/8" x 1/4" Clear Vinyl Tubing (20')</td. You may only need a few feet, depending on your situation.
N/A Stainless Hose Clamps You will only need 6.
N/A 1/4" Brass Barb Fitting For the return line to pump. Connects to the upper "T" fitting.
N/A 1/2" Brass Pipe Cap Pump top cap.
N/A 1/2" NPT 3-Way Brass Fitting "T" fitting for top of pump.
N/A Brass Nipple Connects to the top of pump housing.
N/A 1/4" Hose to 1/8" Male Barb Fitting Lower connection to the pump at "T".
N/A 1/4" Barb Fitting Quantity needed = 2. Two are needed for the oil filter.
N/A 1/8" Brass Pipe Fitting Connects the extension pipe, hose fitting, and valve together.
N/A 5" Brass Pipe Fitting Lower valve extension.
N/A Brass Angle Needle Valve Remove and discard the compression nut (that will be the drain).
N/A Teflon Thread Seal Tape You only need one roll, but shown to remind you that you need this.

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