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New MRE Entree and Side Dish Packaging

07 Apr, 2016

As you may already be aware (with the exception of MRE STAR), most of the MRE manufacturers have phased out the boxes for MRE entrees and side dishes.

Instead of the traditional "Boxed" entrees and side dishes, some manufacturers are providing pouch "sleeves" for MRE entree and side dishes without affixed labels on the pouches; while some entree and side dish pouches will only come with affixed labels on the pouches. This is how we receive them from the manufacturers.

This video provides a quick overview about the new MRE Entree & Side Dish Packaging

Our website product photos* show which entrees and sides are in boxes, sleeves, or label-only pouches. Please note that we have no control over the manufacturer packaging types, but we are required to use pouch sleeves or pouch labels for product identification of these products.

Smaller Dimensions = Less Bulk and Lower Shipping Costs...

On the PLUS side, unboxed entrees and side dishes have a smaller dimension, therefore more can fit into a shipping box. See our Blog Post about Product Count Estimates for USPS Flat Rate Boxes.

Our recent addition of new shipping methods will likely provide you with savings on shipping costs, especially for smaller orders.

*Disclaimer: Product packaging can change at any time without prior notice. Although we make every effort to ensure that each product's photo(s) and description are accurate and up to date on our website, please understand that manufacturers can change their packaging/labeling at any time without prior notice.

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